Why the Entire Tech Industry Will Crash and Burn

In the future all apps and websites will be like this:

Most people believe tech must always improve, get faster, and better for the users. Well, that was the old days. Now the values are shifting in tech and technological progress is no longer a priority.

What? How can that be?

The focus is now loosely meeting the market need as a vehicle to ram leftist terrorism down the throats of anyone they can. Most people will never catch on to it. More and more systems will keep failing around them, people will be frustrated, and many tech companies will fail while lying about why. They wont tell you it was because they replaced all the white men on their team with pregnant black women. Yeah… they actually do that.

YouTube is censoring people with conservative values. They are very smart and charismatic folks. Why do that if you can charge ad space for the videos? Maybe profit is not the motive like everyone thinks with corporations.

Facebook marked things as fake news. So let me get this right. Facebook employees care if I have the ‘correct’ information? Why? They’re off in some other place. Why not just worry about making money with their ads and whatever spy activities they do for the governments?

🤔 Hmmm…. maybe the profit just comes from the government and media rather than just ads. No proof, just thinking.

One initiative with open source is “Code of Conduct” so that the programmers aren’t allowed to be racist, sexist, and etc. You know the list of degenerates who get violent if you don’t give them undue consideration. None of the programmers I ever met knew anything about race or would think to exclude someone. Now they are being told they are exclusionary and must allow in the idiots. It makes no sense on the surface but it eats up a lot of time and causes fights. The idiots get to complain that they feel excluded and people take it seriously.

All the kids are indoctrinated into the gay leftist system. You might think ‘indoctrinated’ is hyperbole or just my tacky rhetoric. Here’s the definition.


teach (a person or group) to accept a set of beliefs uncritically

It’s actually true. They victimize the kids and don’t teach any critical thinking. The parents like it that way too so the kids can’t complain how stupid and arbitrary the parents are.

You might be thinking “Weird, how did we segue from technology to children?” Some people have this belief that we don’t just arrive here on earth as adults and that the formative years is where the personality is fundamentally damaged or left intact.

Scarred and traumatized kids aren’t as good at making programs when they grow up. The left are fine with them being screwed up.

When you start to notice all the stuff doesn’t work anymore you know why. Yes, it’s more and more complicated but with the right people, smart people, you can make anything. With a bunch of idiots you cannot.

Smart people = Progress
Dumb people = Progressive ideologues

The tech will all crash and burn due to dumb people. Like the movie Idiocracy but less interesting and more violent. Like South Africa with all the dumb idiots monkeying with the smart-people gadgets.

Smart white men will be blocked from participating. They will be forced out of the business entirely. Where will they go? The left doesn’t care so long as they are dead.

We will try to survive all the madness in tech and save all the working versions of things and restart progress when people learn their lesson the hard way.

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