What is White Anyway?

Many anti-whites pretend not to understand what the white race is. One use is feigned ignorance designed to relieve that person of anxiety when confronted with differences in race and identity politics. The other use is seeking to muddy the water and undermine white racial interests.

“What does it mean to be ‘white’ anyway?”#

Descended of Europeans. The mother, father, grandparents, and their ancestors were Europeans. Look at a map of Europe. People came from that place and they are light, or white, skinned and characterized by empathy, sympathy, charity, intellectualism, universal aesthetic appeal, cunning athleticism, and strength. Just to name a few qualities.

The other black and brown races are not the same. They are different for whatever reason we do not understand. Some argue it is due to region and climate adaption.

Pretty easy, right?

“Why does it matter if someone’s white?”#

Politics revolve around race. People who are not aware or concerned about their group politics have gone by a few terms through history.

The Greeks called it idiotes.

Roman unrepresented or uninvolved person a plebeian or poletarii.

The Communist term is lumpenproletariat

A Western European term is disenfranchised, TV-watching, dope-smoking, idiot.

Every person has explicit or implicit racial interests. Mixed race people have been undermined by their parents and community not to fit in either group. That person will be forever confused about their identity.

“Why do you think someone is better because they are white?”#

Or “Do you think you’re better because you’re white?”

You probably never said you think whites are better. (Better at what, anyway?)

We PREFER whites because we are a group just like blacks prefer blacks, Chinese prefer Chinese, Japanese prefer Japanese, Jews prefer Jews. And on, and on.

It’s usually a straw man where they try to insinuate you irrationally cling to your group due to a bigoted belief of false superiority. Do they care if you have individual and group interests? No. They are seeking to undermine your interests.

My recommendation is for them to go preach this thinking to Blacks and Latinos and see what kind of response they get.

Racial fear instinct#

Between all races there is a natural fear. It’s automatic and not learned. It’s an instinct, like every animal breathes, or how mammals suckle on their mother’s teat. That’s just how it is when we encounter unknown and foreign people.

You can suppress it, ignore it, observe dispassionately, nurture it, or seek to alter it. Obtaining knowledge of your self, your motives, and feelings will help you discern which of the above fits you best.

Representation & affiliation#

Being represented and affiliated with others is a natural human drive. We come from a family and enter into an extend family or community then out into the nation. The nation being a race of people similar to our family, our race as a whole. That nation can be bound to a geographical area and expressed in an ethnicity. Alternatively in the future we may have a world-wide nation with one or many cultures.

The anti-whites want to take away our right to speak and to isolate us from others. They want to remove all of our political representation. And finally they want to destroy us.

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