Exit Strategies: Banking & Capital

Everyone has a bank and yet few think how it works or where the currency comes from. Fiat Currency is the name of our currency because it’s created by fiat, by decree. Another way to put it is that it is created out of thin air. Obviously it’s more complicated than that. There is accounting and computer systems behind it.

The Federal Reserve Bank System is a network of privately owned banks that lend money to the U.S. federal government.

There are few people who think about the ownership of the banks and who’s interests they serve. (Really there are few people who think at all. That’s not even hyperbole.)

Do the banks serve our interests?#

We’re not a cohesive nation anymore. We have many races and languages all here in one geographical area. Can the bank then serve all of our mutual interests? No. That is wishful thinking. It’s the prayer of a child that these people do it for us. Whoever us is.

Are we now generally wealthier than before?#

The banks went off the gold standard and the U.S. federal government filched most of the gold people had back then or else send them to prison ten years. The currency is not based on precious metals.

The amount they have lent is not common knowledge and there’s no audits which have revealed the amount created, lent, spent, destroyed, or anything else. They’re private.

Who are they?#

They’re private. However their public leadership has been all Jewish for many decades.

  • Janet Yellen ✡
  • Ben Bernanke ✡
  • Alan Greenspan ✡
  • Paul Volcker ?
  • G. William Miller ?
  • Arthur F. Burns ✡
  • William M. Martin ?
  • Thomas B. McCabe ?
  • Marriner S. Eccles (Mormon)
  • Eugene Robert Black ?
  • Eugene Meyer ✡
  • Roy A. Young ?
  • Daniel R. Crissinger ?
  • William P. G. Harding ?
  • Charles Sumner Hamlin ?

For a few decades now they’re all Jewish. With Jews being such a population minority why are they represented as a leadership majority now in the Federal Reserve?

In just 2 years, over 40 bankers allegedly killed themselves


Do you believe Jews think about what’s best for your currency needs? Do you think they are passionate about getting all the races of The United States the best interest rates and the best quantity?

It’s a monopoly by people you either don’t know or if you do know them you know they are hostile foreigners hell bent on our destruction! This seems to be an issue nobody can make progress on like everything else. The government is hostile to anyone trying to compete.

The politician Ron Paul had a strong push called “Audit the Fed” which failed. I’m sure it’s been an ongoing thing people wanted to do but they can never do it. In Democracy, or DUMB-ocracy, people seem to think we need a consensus on this when 90% of people can’t even think or even bother looking into this. The 10% remaining would have a hard time not abusing the power.

Lets fix this & recommendations#

If you do any digging, and you’re not a Jew or an idiot, I’m sure you’ll come to the same conclusion as me. We need a solution, an exit strategy on this, immediately.

Planning is the next step. You start by thinking about the previous problems and how you’re going to mitigate those negative parts going forward.

  • Who should have access to it?
    • Everyone?
    • Just a certain political group? ⭐
  • What kind of currency do we make?
    • Precious metal
    • Commodity basket
    • Fiat
    • Crypto
    • Other
    • All
  • Who operates it?
    • A board
    • Distributed
    • How do you vet people?
      • What is their character?
      • Have they stolen?
      • What’s their “Big Five” personality like?
      • Are they objective?
      • Are they productive?
      • Are they moral?
  • What are the rules?
    • Can they be changed? If so, how?
  • Electronic systems?
    • Speed?
    • Distribution?
    • Protocols?
    • Security?
    • Backups
  • How were previous systems corrupted?
  • Who benefits most from it?

Without any emotion or bias how can we set up a system that works for us? It’s not a simple thing. Few people have the right character for this kind of planning and even less for the execution and less for the operation.

So many times these criminals keep getting access to the systems. Are they killing, threatening, and coercing the people who run it? If so how do we beat these people once and for all?

We need something that can work in our favor and in our interests for decades, centuries, or however long it takes to succeed. We’ve suffered through centuries, if not millennia, with these horrible idiots running our systems for THEIR benefit. Obviously that works out for them and whoever gets the scraps but we can do something so much greater, something that benefits all of us.

Most people think we need everyone to have access to the currency or that it could or should be used internationally. If you’re not biased can you think of other exclusive uses? For example if you’re running a corporation do you give the whole world stock? See what I mean?

It would naturally be more meritocratic if it were fair. Benevolent dictator would be fine if we have to and still better than this mess we have now. Obviously if you know about the banking you know it’s a desperate situation that many have foretold a collapse.

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