Anti-Semitism Explained

Many people are not clear what Anti-Semitism means or where it comes from.


  • anti - against, opposite
  • semit - Semite - a member of any of the peoples who speak or spoke a Semitic language, including in particular the Jews and Arabs
  • ism - action, state, condition, doctrine

So something like: acting against Semites

“Semite” had become a popular euphemism for “Jew”

Christian beliefs on Jews#

Christians falsely believe the modern day people calling themselves “Jewish” or “Jews” are the same group spoken about in the bible and the chosen people of Yahweh elohim. If you’re a Christian you should know the ‘Jews’ killed Jesus and the Christians became God’s chosen people, not the Jews.

There is another Christian misunderstanding “The Jews are pretty much like us Christians but they just follow The Old Testament.” Their holy books are the two Talmuds, Septuagint(greek), and the magical Kabbalah.

“There’s No ‘J’ in Hebrew, Greek or Latin”

Modern “Jews” are most often Babylonian Talmudists of the northern Ashkenazim. Sephardim were the southern Jerusalem Talmudists and they were targeted for ethnic cleansing by the Ashkenazim.

Do the Jews act against our interests?#

They make expert use of their tribal loyalty, nepotism, and shrewd sophistry to obtain inordinate political power over non-Jews. Every country they live in they are eventually kicked out for their bad behavior.

(Don’t shoot the messenger. That’s just how it is.)

Why is it win-lose, Jews vs. Whites, them vs. us?#

I encourage you to speak with your best Jewish friend about this subject and ask them too!

The Jews were responsible for the American slave trade and plantations. They blamed it on white southerners and now they are scared of the repercussions when people find out. Hear from African professor Dr. Tony Martin give the basic history of the Jewish slave trade of black Africans and white European Christians.

U.S. Army General George Patton found out who was behind WW2. The Jews are reluctant to let that get out as well.

Industrialist magnate Henry Ford, Ford Motor Co. also figured out Jews were war profiteers. In addition he uncovered they were running the majority of organized crime. texts audio

An inordinate amount of Federal Reserve Bank Chairmen are Jews.. They are the private bank that loans money to the U.S. Federal Government.

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